How to Stock & Organize Your Freezer

With a smartly stocked and organized freezer you can make dinner faster, avoid extra supermarket trips and save money. Now that's cool.

By Cheryl Slocum; Photography by Kenji Toma

Spare Your Pans
Spare Your Pans

Problem: Your favorite baking pan is stuck in the freezer with a lasagna.

Solution: Put that pan back in heavy rotation. Next time you make lasagna, or any casserole, line the baking dish with foil, leaving a 4-inch overhang, before filling and baking. Once the lasagna is cool, freeze it, then use the foil flaps to remove it from the pan; tightly wrap with freezer paper and pop it back in the freezer. Later, unwrap it, put it back in the pan and heat it up.

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