How to Make Your Own Preserves

Canning and pickling are back in a big way, and it's easier than you think! If you know how to boil water, you can stock away sweet, juicy, peak-season produce in a few simple steps.

Safety Checks
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Safety Checks

Stick to the Steps: Canning recipes are designed to keep food free of harmful bacteria, so do not substitute ingredients, omit steps, alter amounts or reuse tools without sterilization.

Test the Lids: Unscrew bands 12 to 24 hours after processing to test the seals: lift each jar by the edges of its lid; it should stay firmly adhered. (Replace the bands before storing.) If you spot a non-vacuumed jar, you can refrigerate and use within 1 week; otherwise, discard.

Be on Spoilage Alert: Mold or cloudiness is a sure sign that preserves have not been properly processed. Discard any suspicious jars.

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