Supermarket Showdown

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Supermarket shopping can be tricky, especially when you're comparing different versions of the same ingredient! So to make it easier for you, we've pitted them against each to see who comes out on top!

Battle of the Peanut Butters
Battle of the Peanut Butters

Prep: 1 minute
Price: $0.27 per oz.

Grinding peanut butter in those cool DIY grinders at the store is as simple as the flick of a switch. What goes in -- toasted, unsalted peanuts -- is what comes out. It's a healthy option, but it has a gritty texture and tends to separate.


Prep: None
Price: $0.22 per oz.

It's convenient, it's cheap and if you pay attention to labels (beware of sugar and hydrogenated oils), you'll find many natural options that are as pure as fresh. Plus you can choose creamy, crunchy and flavored varieties, too.

And the winner is ...

- Beth Janes

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