Supermarket Showdown

Supermarket shopping can be tricky, especially when you're comparing different versions of the same ingredient! So to make it easier for you, we've pitted them against each to see who comes out on top!

Battle of the Pomegranate Seeds

Whole Fruit:

Prep: 10 minutes
Price: $.23 per ounce of seeds
Between separating the seeds (actually, they're arils) from the peel and picking out those pesky pieces of pith, breaking down a pomegranate is tedious and time-consuming. It's also messy, even if you submerge the fruit in water while seeding.


Packaged Seeds:

Prep: None
Price:$.93 per ounce of seeds
There's no sugarcoating the markup on ready-to-eat seeds. But once you factor in your time -- and potential dry-cleaning bill -- it's worth every penny. Plus they're every bit as delicious and you know exactly how much you're getting.

And the winner is ...


- Beth Janes

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