A Guide to Onions

In our handy onion guide, we show you how to shop, chop, saute and caramelize this super veggie. Plus, find out all about the different varieties, health benefits and other fun facts.

Caramelizing Onions
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What To Do With 'Em

Caramelizing onions until they're soft and sweet requires nothing more than a little patience. Keep them on hand in the fridge to...

1. BLEND with packaged onion soup mix and sour cream for a quick potato-chip dip.
2. STIR into risotto or mashed potatoes.
3. SPREAD under apples or pears before baking a pie.
4. TOSS with steamed green beans and slivered toasted almonds.
5. BAKE on top of crostini with brie for a quick appetizer.
6. ADD to beef stock with sherry for french onion soup.

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