Get Fresh Radishes

Radishes are best March through May. Here are the best ways to pick, use and store radishes
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Radishes are best March through May. Learn the best ways to pick, use and store radishes:

Choose firm, smooth-skinned (not cracked, knobbly or wrinkled) bulbs that have crisp, vibrant leaves (if still attached).

Refrigerate in an open plastic bag for up to 10 days. Discard leaves before storing -- they speed spoilage.

Tip: Radishes gone limp? Crisp them up by soaking in a bowl of ice water for 5 to 10 minutes.

Use it...

In a salad.

Add chopped or sliced radishes to a greek salad of cucumber, red onion, mint and feta, or to a potato salad for extra crunch. Or toss the leaves -- which have a spicy flavor similar to arugula -- with mixed greens.

In tacos.

Cut into matchsticks and use as a topping, along with cilantro leaves, on fish tacos.

In a stew.

Substitute quartered radishes for turnips or other root veggies.

In a side dish.

Braise whole radishes in butter and red wine vinegar, then pair with a strong flavored main dish, like lamb.

In a stir-fry.

Sauté thin slices with scallions in oil for a few minutes until browned. Serve over pan-seared fish or chicken.

In a roast.

Toss whole radishes with olive oil and salt, then add to the pan during the last 20 minutes of roasting a whole chicken.