Get Fresh: Mushrooms

Add some 'shrooms to the grocery list and try out four hearty new meals.
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Mushrooms are best in the fall months. Brush up on some basic types and use them in great recipes:

White mushrooms are spongy; have mild flavor; are better raw than cooked. Serve them whole on crudités platters. Use them to make:


Shiitake mushrooms are hearty and meaty; have a smoky flavor; hold up well in stews. Sauté them in butter. Use them to make:


Cremini mushrooms are young portobellos; meatier and earthier than white mushrooms. Toss them into stir-fries. Use them to make:


Portobello mushrooms are extra large and meaty; release lots of liquid when cooked. Grill them as a stand-in for a burger. Use them to make: