6 Secrets to Great Grilling

How to Avoid 6 Common Grilling Mistakes

Story by Nicole Cherie Jones and Tracey Seaman

CrossHatch Grill Marks
John Kernick
Gourmet Grill Marks

Q: How do I get crosshatch grill marks on my steaks and burgers the way restaurants do?

A: Make sure your grill is hot, hot, hot (about 400°)! Pat your steaks dry with paper towels, then rub with oil, which heats up on the grate to cleanly sear the meat and ensure that it won't stick when you try to turn it. Cook your meat on the grill for 2 minutes; rotate a quarter-turn and cook for 1 minute more. Flip and repeat on the other side (for medium-rare). Don't fiddle -- that's what messes up the marks!

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