Instant Expert!: Cocktails from A to Z

Learn all you need to know about cocktails, including bartender basics, must-have bar tools and common drink ingredients in our A to Z cocktail and bartender guide.

Text by Rebecca Flint Marx and Stacy Adimando

Rum Swizzle
Jamie Chung
B is for Bitters

Steeped with herbs, citrus peels and spices, BITTERS were used as medicine back in the day -- pre-19th century! Today, they're trending at the bar. Add a few drops to cocktails to balance sweet or fruity flavors, or to give a kick to gin and tonic or sweet liquor such as bourbon or rum. The most popular type is angostura, derived from a bitter-tasting root, but other versions are made with chocolate, grapefruit or even spicy sriracha.

Shake up some bitters in our adaptation of the Rum Swizzle by Phillip Greene.

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