Instant Expert!: Cocktails from A to Z

Learn all you need to know about cocktails, including bartender basics, must-have bar tools and common drink ingredients in our A to Z cocktail and bartender guide.

Text by Rebecca Flint Marx and Stacy Adimando

Jamie Chung
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L is for Lime

Compared to other citrus fruits, LIME has a subtle acidity and bright, sweet flavor that enhances other cocktail ingredients and helps soften alcohol's sucker punch. Though the real stuff tastes best, it requires fresh supplies and time-consuming squeezing. Rose's brand lime juice, a sweetened commercial version that's been around since the mid-1800s, is a quick fix and a staple of classic cocktails like the gimlet.

Customize our Gimlet recipe with as much or as little sweetened lime juice as you like. (The original has equal parts gin and juice.)

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