Easy Cocktail Upgrades

Upgrade your home bar with these cheap and easy cocktail ideas from hip mixologists.

By Stacy Adimando, Photo: Yunhee Kim

Blueberry Yogurtini
Yunhee Kim
Cultured Cocktails

While cream is the main ingredient in several classic drinks, Natalie Bovis, mixologist and author of Edible Cocktails: From Garden to Glass, took the dairy trend in a different direction: "Yogurt brings a thicker, creamy viscosity and adds an unusual, lip-smacking tartness to cocktails and mocktails," she says.

While Bovis believes the technique is still fairly new, popular health trends suggest that it may take off in a big way. "Many home entertainers tend to err on the side of making drinks too sugary. Yogurt's tanginess helps to balance out sweet fruit or liqueurs."

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