Easy Cocktail Upgrades

Upgrade your home bar with these cheap and easy cocktail ideas from hip mixologists.

By Stacy Adimando, Photo: Yunhee Kim

The Chameleon
Yunhee Kim
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Juice Up Your Ice Cubes

What you pour your cocktail over is becoming just as important as the drink itself, says Feizal Valli, bar manager at Hot and Hot Fish Club in Birmingham, AL."Recent ice trends include perfectly spherical ice and crystal- clear cubes -- and some bars even have their own 'ice butchers' now.?

Valli's favorite new trick: freezing juices (such as blood orange), condiments (like worcestershire or hot sauce) or even olive brine into cube form. "The color and taste get more pronounced in the drink as the ice melts," he says, and they won't water down your beverage.

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