Centerpieces for Every Day Parties

Any day, any party, any centerpiece. These DIY tabletoppers will dress up your get-together, no matter the occassion.

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Photo: Kana Okada


Paper may be flat, but star stylist and interior designer Robert Verdi showed us it?s not one-dimensional. He used basic printer paper to create these rumpled-chic topiaries. Cut and paste your own the day before a party, so they have plenty of time to dry. Shred a hefty amount of paper in colors you like, or pick up some pre-shredded paper from a craft store. Drizzle glue on one side of a Styrofoam ball and roll it in a pile of the cuttings, pressing lightly to adhere. Fill in any bare spots and repeat on the other sides. Cover as many foam balls as you like, then let dry. Pile them on top of one another with dowels (or chopsticks!) and place in flowerpots or cluster in the center of the table.

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