Carla Hall's Crab Boil

Carla Hall's crab boil party is a fun way to feed your crowd without having to work right through it. The Chew cohost shared her best entertaining tips and make-ahead tricks, so let's get cracking!

Written by Sarah Schmelling; Photography by Anais + Dax

Carla Hall's Crab Boil
Anais + Dax
The Day Before

Gather your shell catchers, crackers, dish towels, clothespins, kitchen twine and trash bins. Put your crab spices and side dish ingredients in zip-top bags. "This way, the day of the party it's literally a dump and stir," Carla says.

Tip: Say yes to the mess! Instead of buying flimsy plastic bibs, use inexpensive dish towels, and put out clothespins to attach them. (You can grab towels at IKEA for less than $1 each.)

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