Top 'o the Morning Brunch

Gooey french toast, homemade scones and puffy pancake that rises to any occasion -- treat the family to a decadent weekend brunch. These eye-opening recipes truly wake up the first meal of the day.


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peach cobbler


Easy Does It ...

Top your Puffy Pancake with Nutty Banana Butterscotch with powdered sugar instead of butterscotch sauce.


Fast Times

Skip the peaches and bake the Blueberry Scones with Melted Peaches at 350 for about 20 minutes.


Get Ahead

Prepare the Ham-and-Scallion Brioche Bread Bake through step 3 up to a day in advance.

egg and steak recipe

Swap It

Use cream cheese and jam for the Peanut Butter-Chocolate Stuffed French Toast with Jam Syrup instead of peanut butter and chocolate.


For a Change

Scramble or fry the Steak and Eggs with Creamy Mushroom Sauce instead of poaching.