Support No Kid Hungry with Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi’s Caring Cooler!


Between picnicking, tailgating and lounging on the beach, it isn’t summer without outdoor eating (and drinking). This year, you can add some personality to your party with the bright orange Caring Cooler! This limited-edition cooler from Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi isn’t just adorable, it also supports a good cause. One hundred percent of the proceeds from Caring Cooler sales will go to support Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign, which strives to end childhood hunger in America through education and awareness.

The cooler features a stain- and odor-resistant liner, and can hold up to four bottles of wine (or a ton of snacks!). It’s on sale this week through September, which is National Hunger Awareness Month, so be sure to pick one up soon to get your outdoor party started!


Click here to purchase your own Caring Cooler.


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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

As the holidays approach, we know how essential it is to have the perfect hostess gift. But why settle for the usual flower bouquet or box of chocolates when you can give something truly special and personalized? Personal Wine is a company that will let you do just that.



Ranging from custom labels to etched wine accessories and more, Personal Wine will help you send the perfect message for any occasion. First, choose from a wide range of red, white or sparkling wines. Then pick out a label or engraving with a special message, and you’ll be well on your way to winning Dinner Guest of the Year.




But the holiday cheer doesn’t stop there; now through December 10th, you can enter the promo code RAY15 for a 15% discount off your entire purchase! Now, can gift giving get any better than that?!


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Electric Wine Opener: Is It Worth It?

If you’ve broken off one too many corks in the necks of wine bottles, a high-speed, push-button, supposedly-error-free electric corkscrew probably sounds appealing. But after testing a variety of models, we’re electing not to go electric (and save up to $30). Here’s why:




They’re space suckers

You have to devote counter space and an outlet to the charging dock. And if you forget to juice it up before party time, you’re right back to corkscrewing by hand. Plus, electric ones are bulky. A manual corkscrew fits in your silverware drawer; one of these guys–as big as 10 inches high and 3 inches wide–needs a permanent home on the countertop docking station or space in a cabinet.


There’s plenty of room for operator error

To uncork a bottle, you line up the electric opener over the cork, then press down while you turn on the motor. To pull the cork out, you switch the power button into reverse. But be warned: If you don’t have a good grip on the bottle or the right amount of pressure on the opener, your wine bottle could start shaking or, worse, spin out of your hands. And, sorry to say, you may not have seen the end of decapitated corks. Misalign the “worm” (the pointy spiral part) and the cork won’t just break, it will become lodged in the device, and to get it out, you’ll have to putt apart the protectice plastic shield. Good luck putting that back together again.


The wine world is going screw-top anyway

(Or at least the wine in our world is! Check out all of these great screw-top sippers.)


By Lambeth Hochwald; Photograph by Levi Brown


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Screw-Top Sippers

As Thanksgiving approaches, the last thing you want is extra work. So why struggle with a corkscrew? We taste-tested dozens of twist-off wines under $20 that taste great with turkey and all the trimmings.



1. Oyster Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2012, $15

This New Zealand white is fruity, crisp and so drinkable our editor-in-chief orders it by the case.


2. Lapostolle Casa Grand Selection Chardonnay 2011, $12

Many chardonnays are too rich for Thanksgiving but this unoaked version won’t compete with the food.


3. Lorenza Rosé 2012, $17

Satisfy both red and white wine drinkers with this slightly dry and floral goes-with-anything Italian rosé.


4. Hartley-Ostini Hitching Post Pinot Noir 2011, $19

You can sip this jammy, all-around staff fave straight through to the pumpkin pie.


5. Boekenhoutskloof The Wolftrap Red Syrah 2012, $10

The hint of spice in this syrah blend is a great match for herb-loaded side dishes.


6. Montes Twins Malbec 2011, $14

This blend of malbec and cabernet sauvignon is full-bodied enough to please the “big red” lovers but still works with turkey.


Wine Cheat Sheet

Can’t find our picks? Ask your wine seller for whites and rosés that are crisp, citrusy and not too heavy. Request reds with a medium amount of fruit, easy on the oak.


By Elizabeth Jenkins


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Refresher Course: Portable Cocktails

Knocking back a cold beverage outdoors is one of summer’s great joys. Chill out with seven new drinks that are perfect for picnics—or wherever your day takes you.

Supermarket Spy Cocktails_Jul 2013

1 COCKTAIL RX MOJITO Be the toast of the town at your next potluck with a batch of mojitos. Just add rum and ice to the disposable shaker and you’ll be slinging cocktails like a pro. ($7.99 each; serves 8)


2 MIKE’S HARD LEMONADE FROZEN POUCHES Keep your freezer stocked with these bags to toss in your beach tote—by the time you’ve applied sunscreen the slushies will be thawed just enough to slurp! ($1.99 for one 10-oz. pouch)


3 STACK WINES These classy, stackable pop-top cups come in four varietals. Think concerts in the park. ($12.99 for four 187 ml cups)


4 FETZER WINE ZIPZ GLASSES Major League ballparks like Turner and Citi fields are selling these plastic “goblets” of red and white wine. Bring one to your next sunset toast. ($4.99 for one 187 ml glass)


5 KAHLÚA ICED COFFEES Brunching with friends? These small cans are a fun replacement for traditional iced coffee (and can fit in your purse). ($9.99 for four 200 ml cans)


6 LEINENKUGEL’S SUMMER SHANDYS It’s lemonade. It’s beer. It’s both! This adults- only seasonal blend is sweet, tart and ideal for your next weekend excursion or concert tailgate. ($14.99 for twelve 12-oz. cans)


7 BUD LIGHT STRAW-BER-RITAS Who says camping means bringing the bare essentials? Pack these beer-margarita concoctions on your next trip into the woods for a no-blender-required happy hour. ($12.99 for twelve 8-oz. cans)


By Ariana R. Phillips 
Photo by Levi Brown 


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LOL Wine Labels

Buy wine because of a funny label and you kind of expect to forgo flavor for a few laughs. But after tasting the kookiest of the crop, we found the bottles that don’t require the trade-off!

LOL Wine Labels

Photo by Levi Brown


MAD HOUSEWIFE CABERNET SAUVIGNON A not-too-sweet companion for pizza night—or girls’ night. $10


FRENCHIE 2009 NAPOLEON RED An intense, oaky red blend that made us think about our favorite steak recipes. $30

MIDDLE SISTER DRAMA QUEEN PINOT GRIGIO A crisp, fruity find that got nabbed for one editor’s seafood dinner. $12


WELL HUNG MERLOT-VERDOT A smooth, earthy sip that’s definitely not your mother’s merlot. $20


CHATEAU SMITH 2010 CABERNET SAUVIGNON A robust red that may induce serious burger cravings. $20


(OOPS) CHEEKY LITTLE WHITE SAUVIGNON BLANC A citrusy hit, emptied before the tasting was over. $11


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