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5 Festive Recipes to Ring in the New Year

New Years Eve is so close we can taste it–literally! We’re planning a stellar menu of finger foods and festive eats that our guests are sure to love. These recipes are easy to make, fun to eat and, most importantly, only require one hand, leaving that other hand wide open for a cocktail or glass of bubbly. We’ll drink to that!


Roast Beef Crostini with Arugula Mayo

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Late Night Snacks for New Year’s Eve

While your New Year’s Eve meal is sure to be delicious, decadent and a definite crowd-pleaser, there’s another meal that needs to be considered: fourth meal. Your satisfying snack after a long night out; your sneaky indulgence to cure any cravings; your guilty pleasure, whether it’s sweet, salty or both. You know what we mean. So for 2015, sink your teeth into something you definitely won’t regret. These recipes are just what you need after ringing in the new year, and the best part is they can be assembled in a snap!


Chocolate Banana Melts

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Last-Minute New Years Eve Menu

If you don’t want to go through the hassle making making last-minute reservations for New Years Eve, look no further. We’ve put together a quick and delicious menu that is sure to bring you happiness and health in the new year. No matter how many people you’re cooking for, your guests are sure to love this showstopping menu.

Greet guests with a Gin and Honey Champagne Cocktail

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Fast Idea Friday: Shrimp Salad Spoons

The new year is right around the corner, but before you collect your champagne, party hats and confetti, make sure you have a quick and delicious appetizer to serve or bring to whatever festive party you’re attending. These Shrimp Salad Spoons are easy to put together, require little to no cooking and are elegant enough for even a black tie affair. Plus, the shape of the edible “spoon” is perfect for cheers-ing with all your friends.



Creamy, crunchy, shrimpy goodness. What could be better on the last night of the year? Get the recipe here. Cheers!


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