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The Year of the Vegetable: Tacos

Veggies are having a huge moment right now, and delicious things happen when they get the taco treatment. In honor of our special vegetable package in our June 2016 issue, we’re celebrating chefs’ favorite veg-centric recipes— and let’s be honest: everything tastes better wrapped in a tortilla. You might even find yourself choosing cauliflower over carnitas next Taco Tuesday!

Cauliflower Al Pastor Tacos

This vegetarian taco from Ray Garcia, chef-owner of B.S. Taqueria in L.A., was inspired by tacos al pastor, a classic recipe made with pineapple and spice-marinated pork roasted on a spit. You won’t miss the meat! Read more

Our Favorite Vegetarian Recipes for Summer

It’s summer, and while we love a juicy grilled steak or burger, sometimes we’re looking to lighten our dinnertime load with something more Meatless Monday-friendly. The possibilities are endless when you have fresh seasonal ingredients, more daylight to enjoy and one killer cooking source (aka THE GRILL!). Here are some of our favorite vegetarian summer recipes that even the carnivores will love.

Summer Corn Risotto

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6 Springtime Meatless Monday Recipes

Spring is the time for light meals loaded with fresh herbs and veggies. It might seem more challenging to get your protein on Meatless Mondays with meals so light, but have no fear. We’ve picked out some of our favorite meatless recipes that will keep the spring in your step (pun intended)!

Spring Minestrone with Whipped Ricotta

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A Flexitarian Weeknight Meal Planner

Why celebrate Meatless Monday just once a week when you can have the option to make all your weeknight meals vegetarian-friendly? Behold: five flexitarian meals where you decide to add the meat or omit it. No matter what you choose, you’ll end up with a hearty, healthy and delicious meal that everyone will ask for seconds.


Monday, January 26


Stay true to Meatless Monday with this Quick Bean & Porcini Ragu–the taste and texture will feel like a real meat ragu!

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Meatless Monday Recipes for 2015

Starting the year off on a healthy note can be easier said than done, especially while it’s still comfort food season. However, even resolving to eat meat-free one day a week can make a difference. You already know we love a good Meatless Monday recipe, so now you can have a great, seasonal recipe for every Monday in January! They delicious, hearty and quick to throw together. Does it get any better?


Braised Fennel with Lentil-Quinoa Pilaf

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Pantry Staple Wednesday: Reorganize!

Now that your pantry is stocked and ready for any cooking emergency, our next Love Your Kitchen Challenge asks you to transform that pantry into a place of harmony:


Reorganize your stocked pantry so that ingredients you use together are stored together. Group items for Italian dishes in one place and Mexican recipes in another. Then, make a meal using one of your staples.


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Meatless Monday: Groovy Garbanzos!

On Meatless Monday, we know how important it is to get your protein fix at lunch so you can stay full and energized until the end of the day. One of the easiest, most versatile and delicious ways to do that is with garbanzo beans, or as many people know them, chickpeas! Chickpeas are jam-packed with protein and fiber and are super versatile — blend ‘em smooth, form them into patties or leave them whole. Plus, their neutral taste can easily pick up any combination of flavors and spices. And while we adore ’em in hummus, we had to recommend a few more creative takes on chickpeas, too!

Try a Middle Eastern Platter for a new, healthy take on breakfast

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Meatless Monday: Grilled Veggies

As we kick off grilling week, we still recognize the importance of staying true to our weekly ritual of Meatless Monday. Just because we can’t throw a juicy steak or salmon fillet on the grill tonight, doesn’t mean we need to deprive ourselves of that awesome charcoal flavor. So get your kebabs and tinfoil ready– you’re gonna need them for these awesome grilled veggie sides.


Club Med Eggplant


Grilled Corn with Chile Butter


Spicy Steak Fries (hold the steak!)


Asparagus with Parsley-and-Orange Butter


Cauliflower with Spicy Lime Cream


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Meatless Monday: Eggplant Sloppy Joes

Meatless Monday is all about taking our favorite recipes and swapping out the meat for healthy alternatives. You’ve probably had your fair share of veggie burgers by now, but here’s a meaty sandwich idea that may surprise you: Eggplant Sloppy Joes



No sacrifice here! Eggplant simmering in vegetable sauce creates a tender, meaty texture and flavor, and a slice of gooey provolone cheese is just the accent your sloppy joe was always missing. The best part? You can have this delicious meal on the table in about 20 minutes! Now that’s a way to start the week off right!


Get the full recipe here.



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Meatless Monday: Raising the (Baked Potato) Bar

What’s one of the easiest ways to get your family to eat their veggies? By stuffing them into a cheesy baked potato, of course! Making a baked potato bar is a great idea for any night of the week, but on Meatless Monday, they’ll definitely guarantee happy, full tummies without overloading on unhealthy foods or desserts. With so many meat-free toppings and fillers, your baked potato possibilities are virtually endless! Here are a few ideas to get you started:



Broccoli-Cheddar Potatoes: Black beans, mashed broccoli-potato mixture and cheddar cheese.


Chili Baked Potatoes: Veggie chili, shredded monterey-jack cheese, salsa, pickled jalapeños,  crushed tortilla chips and sour cream.


Mediterranean Baked Potatoes: Chickpeas, feta cheese, diced roasted red peppers, chopped kalamata olives and chopped fresh basil or parsley.


Spinach-Artichoke Baked Potatoes: Sauteed artichokes, spinach and mozzarella cheese.



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