A Superfood for Your Nails? Nailed It!

As if an impending kale shortage weren’t enough to remind us of how popular this leafy green has become, the vegetable is making a guest appearance in more than just our smoothies now. Introducing: NailKale, the first line of nail polish formulated with kale and all its strength- and health-inducing vitamins glory.


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The Great Kale Crisis

Health nuts, hipsters and foodies, rest a little easy: our so-called “kale shortage” may not be a shortage after all. According to NBC News, the rumored kale deficit is not as dramatic as it was made out to be. While Bejo Seeds, a major Australian-based kale supplier reported a shortage of seeds and “very, very tight” supply, the U.S. has not fallen victim to the lack of inventory… yet. Since 2007, the amount of kale grown in the U.S. has risen by 57%, and while we know how much you love kale in pasta, stir-fry, pesto and chips, there are plenty of other ways to get your fix of greens without putting this delectable leaf in danger. The next time you’re craving kale, try spinach or Swiss chard instead:


Parmesan Polenta with Mushrooms and Chard


Cheesy Baked Spinach and Egg Whites with Bread and Fruit


Tingly Chicken & Greens Noodle Bowls


Farro Spaghetti with Buttery Tomato Sauce & Farm Spinach


Chard, Bean and Sausage Stew


Spinach Tabbouleh


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Kick it up with Kale

If you’re like me, you’ve heard all about how great kale is for you, but find it hard to incorporate it into your diet. Don’t worry though, because we’ve found three simple, easy and healthy ways to enjoy kale. Whether it’s for a low-key date night, a barbecue bash or lunch at the office, you’ll have no problem having a flavorful kale meal you’ll love!


Whether it’s a dinner for two or a dinner party of ten, Fettucine with Sausage & Kale is a quick and filling dish for everyone! It’s great a beautiful Fall day filled with colorful leaves and a hefty appetite.


Never grilled coleslaw before? Now’s the time to try it with this Fire-Roasted Slaw. Add kale to the mix or other veggies (like spinach) for a healthy, crunchy and dark green touch.


Stir up your summer diet with this Tuscan Kale & Farro Soup. It’s a great option for a hearty lunch or healthy dinner and can be made for approximately $2.50 per person. What the farro is farro?  Find out more about farro’s health benefits and recipes here.

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