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Meatless Monday: Easy Egg Bake

Go vegetarian this Meatless Monday with an Easy Egg Bake inspired by a Fried Egg and Spicy Tomato Sauce dish I had at Danny Meyer’s Maialino. As they’re unfortunately no longer serving the dish on their brunch menu, I decided to re-create the dish and add a bit of Southern flavor–in the form of cheese grits(!)–into the dish.


Feel free to get creative and add mushrooms or more veggies to grits or sauce. Serve this dish as either a hearty breakfast or brunch or as a meatless lunch or dinner with a side salad any time. Even better, make all of the components a day (or night) in advance and build the grits and tomato sauce layers and store in the fridge until you’re ready to top with eggs and bake everything off.

Easy Egg Bake

Photo by Judith Pena


As I sometimes go about cooking with a no-recipe philosophy, here’s a quick talk-through of how to make this tasty dish:

  • Make Moroccan-inspired spiced tomato sauce and let simmer to intensive flavor
  • Make grits and add cheese
  • Layer grits into a baking dish, layer tomato sauce on top of grits, crack two eggs on top and sprinkle with grated cheese
  • Bake until eggs are cooked and other layers are warmed. Top with herbs (optional) and serve.

Prefer more detail?

Get the recipe: Easy Egg Bake



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#RRMenuPlanner: Pin and Plan Your Menu

Plan your dream dinner party in minutes using our visual pinboard to mix-and-match dishes until you create the perfect, eye-catching spread. Invite guests to help plan by sharing your board, too!


Wanna share your board with us? Just use hashtag:#RRMenuPlanner and your menu could be featured on our blog and pinterest board! Check back regularly to see our new menus.


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Gigabites: Foodie USB Drives

USB-thumb drives are coming in ever-tastier disguises. Do a double take with the smorgasbord below because one of them is a fake! Tell us which of the drives is your favorite in the comments below. My favorite is the watermelon one!

Foodie USB Drives

1. Cool Cube Toys 4GB fortune cookie ($25, coolcubetoys.com) 2. Zhuzhusworld 4GB chocolate doughnut ($15, etsy.com) 3. HDE 8GB watermelon slice ($12, shophde.com) 4. Imposter 0GB egg—Gotcha! This egg is a fake!  5. Cool Cube Toys 4GB cucumber roll ($17, coolcubetoys.com) 6. Cool Cube Toys 4GB strawberry torte cake royale ($25, coolcubetoys.com) 7. Cool Cube Toys 2GB chocolate bar ($15, coolcubetoys.com)


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Thirsty Thursday: Gin and Honey Champagne Cocktail


Take a deep breath, people, we’re almost to the weekend! So take a moment to mentally prepare and engage in–what college students often call–Thirsty Thursday. Unlike some college students though, let’s keep it classy by kicking back and relaxing with our April-inspired Champagne Cocktail instead of multiple Pabst Blue Ribbons (no offense). Read more about it and get the recipe below!



Gin and Honey Champagne Cocktail

In our “Year of Champagne Cocktails” recipe collection, we used the classic “Gin and Juice” as inspiration for our custom-made April concoction. We promise that once you taste how the gin’s herbal notes pair perfectly with the rose and red fruit flavors from the pink champagne, you’ll swear we took the spring season and put it directly into a glass. Sip on this cocktail when you’re ready to ring in Spring, which we so are!

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Meal planning made easy: Express-Lane Suppers

Express Lane Suppers Free Shopping List

When I’m pressed for time and planning dinner drops to bottom of my to-do list, I reach for our Express-Lane Suppers. Our time-saving meal plans, featured in most issues of the magazine, consist of a customized shopping list and three specially paired recipes that can be made in only 10-ingredients plus a few pantry staples.


The customized lists, which I now call my Monday-night-supermarket-shopping-secret weapon, have given me the power to fly through the express lane and then make great meals throughout the week.


Does this all sound too good to be true? Well it gets better. In addition to the free and downloadable shopping lists saving me time, they’ve also helped me save money by sparking a laser-like focus in me while shopping. Goodbye, pricey impulse buys! If it ain’t on the list, I’m not buying it!


Wanna try our Express-Lane Suppers yourself? Click here for shopping lists and recipes then let us know how they work for you in the “Comments” below!

The Secret Health Benefit in Olive Oil’s Scent

Olive OilAs if we didn’t already love extra virgin olive oil enough–we even have a well known abbreviation for it, EVOO–two recently released research studies are giving us another reason to love this healthy fat!

Aside from being chockfull of antioxidants and high in monounsaturated fat, researchers have found that olive oil increases satiety, the feeling of fullness, which could be key to a healthy diet and weight loss. 

Read on about why you should smell your olive oil after the jump!

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