Go nuts for pecans!

Happy National Pecan Day! Before we get to our celebration recipe though, let’s take a moment to learn more about the pecan, a buttery flavored tree nut with a soft crunch.

Did you know…

  • The word “pecan” is actually a Native American word? (source)
  • The majority of pecan production happens in the United States, Mexico, Australia and Israel?
  • And last, but not least, that the pecan actually looks like this when it’s still on the tree?

Now, onto our celebration recipe: The Pecan Pie!

Often viewed as a Thanksgiving recipe, the pecan pie can–and should–be enjoyed all year-long. Fabulously easy to make, incredibly indulgent and effortlessly stunning, we’re sure you’ll want to keep digging your fork into this pie. Bake it for your neighborhood block party or your husband’s birthday. No matter what type of occasion, this pie will be a crowd-pleaser. Oh, and be prepared to share your recipe!

Get the recipe: Pecan Pie with Bourbon Ice Cream


Orange You Glad It’s Time For Dessert?

Here’s an almost-instant dessert: Orange & Ice Cream Trifles. All you need are oranges, orange marmalade, lemon juice, pound cake and vanilla ice cream. What’s better than a 5-ingredient recipe on a weeknight? Get the recipe here.  Then, keep reading to learn how to make it one pretty treat.

Orange & Ice Cream Trifles

Upgrade your dessert by cutting your oranges into pretty segments (“supremes in chef lingo). Just follow our how-to steps below!

Scratch pad



Prep it!

Cut a small slice off the top and bottom, exposing some of the flesh. Stand the fruit up on one flat side.






scratch pad image2

Pare it! 

Cut from top to bottom along the curve of the fruit, removing the peel and bitter white pith.



scratch pad image3




Section it! 

Over a bowl, make a slice on each side of each segment along the membrane and use the knife blade to lift out the freed fruit wedge.



Illustrations by Emma Kelly

Trending: America’s Best Doughnuts

Doughnuts, those once-humble coffee companions, are being fancified and accessorized like never before—as you’ll see in our national sampler platter below. For a planetwide assortment, check out the new book World of Doughnuts: More than 50 Doughnut Recipes from Around the Globe by Stephanie Rosenbaum. Holey deliciousness, that’s a hole lotta love!

Delicious Doughnuts around the United States

1. Doughnut Plant Rose Petal Yeast ($3, NYC, 2. Glazed and Infused Maple Bacon Long John ($3, Chicago, 3. Federal Donuts Spicy PB&J, with cayenne ($2, Philadelphia, 4. Bouchon Bakery brioche-baked Boston Cream, with crispy chocolate and vanilla pearls ($3.50, 6 locations nationwide, bouchonbakery.com5. Duke City Donuts Samoa, with toasted coconut, caramel and chocolate ($.95, Albuquerque, NM, 6. Glazed Gourmet Blackberry Earl Grey ($1.95, Charleston, SC, 7. Psycho Donuts Strawberry Margarita, with tequila-spiked pastry cream ($3.25, San Jose, CA, 8. Dynamo Donut and Coffee Meyer Lemon Huckleberry ($3, San Francisco, 9. Gourdough’s Public House Glory Daze, smothered in cream cheese icing, spiced apples and cheddar ($5, Austin, TX,

–Morgan Gibson, Editorial Assistant 

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An important rule to live by.

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