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Refresher Course: Portable Cocktails

Knocking back a cold beverage outdoors is one of summer’s great joys. Chill out with seven new drinks that are perfect for picnics—or wherever your day takes you.

Supermarket Spy Cocktails_Jul 2013

1 COCKTAIL RX MOJITO Be the toast of the town at your next potluck with a batch of mojitos. Just add rum and ice to the disposable shaker and you’ll be slinging cocktails like a pro. ($7.99 each; serves 8)


2 MIKE’S HARD LEMONADE FROZEN POUCHES Keep your freezer stocked with these bags to toss in your beach tote—by the time you’ve applied sunscreen the slushies will be thawed just enough to slurp! ($1.99 for one 10-oz. pouch)


3 STACK WINES These classy, stackable pop-top cups come in four varietals. Think concerts in the park. ($12.99 for four 187 ml cups)


4 FETZER WINE ZIPZ GLASSES Major League ballparks like Turner and Citi fields are selling these plastic “goblets” of red and white wine. Bring one to your next sunset toast. ($4.99 for one 187 ml glass)


5 KAHLÚA ICED COFFEES Brunching with friends? These small cans are a fun replacement for traditional iced coffee (and can fit in your purse). ($9.99 for four 200 ml cans)


6 LEINENKUGEL’S SUMMER SHANDYS It’s lemonade. It’s beer. It’s both! This adults- only seasonal blend is sweet, tart and ideal for your next weekend excursion or concert tailgate. ($14.99 for twelve 12-oz. cans)


7 BUD LIGHT STRAW-BER-RITAS Who says camping means bringing the bare essentials? Pack these beer-margarita concoctions on your next trip into the woods for a no-blender-required happy hour. ($12.99 for twelve 8-oz. cans)


By Ariana R. Phillips 
Photo by Levi Brown 


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