Cheesy Apps That Go Great with Wine

Wine and cheese are a classic pairing for a good reason: Astringent items (like wine) and fatty foods (like cheese) balance each other on your tongue, making each flavor stand out more. Next time you’re having a party, tempt guests with savory bites loaded with goat cheese, Brie, Gorgonzola and more. You should probably plan to make seconds!

Grilled Cheese Triangles with Shallot Jam

Hot tip: You can make these grilled cheese sandwiches up to an hour ahead of time. Just heat in a 450 degree oven for 3 to 5 minutes to warm them through before serving. We won’t tell if you taste-test a few!

Fig & Gorgonzola Mini Tarts

Walnut-Crusted Goat Cheese with Rosemary Honey

Brie & Shaved Asparagus Toasts

Don’t feel like cooking? Don’t sweat it — everyone loves a cheeseboard! Follow @rachaelraymag on Instagram for inspiration to achieve all of your #CheeseBoardGoals.

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8 Fruity and Cheesy Recipes

This summer, we’re revamping fruit salads every which way to make them anything but boring. It’s amazing what a little heat, spice, and cheese can do! Our plum & goat cheese fruit salad, in particular, is kind of surprising but super-delicious. We know every cheese board gets better with grapes or jam, but if you haven’t taken your fruit-cheese relationship beyond that, you really should! Rich, creamy dairy is a natural partner for sweet, juicy, seasonal produce — and it’ll make your fruit-based dishes feel more substantial, too. Here are 8 fun recipes to get you started.

Plum & Goat Cheese Carpaccio with Mint 

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Our 6 Ooiest, Gooiest, Cheesiest Recipes

Although we never need a reason to eat more cheese, today we’ll make sure of it— it’s National Cheese Lovers’ Day! And although we’d never turn down a plain old wedge of cheddar or Parmesan, a holiday this special deserves a decadent meal. Here are some of our best and cheesiest recipes you can make any time of the day (or year!).


Queso Dip Mac ‘n’ Cheese

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Our Best-Ever Cheese Fondue

Did you know today is National Cheese Fondue Day? If you’re looking for a way to celebrate (and not to mention, a fun weekend activity), we’ve got you covered in about 3 steps:
1. Make a trip to the grocery store

2. Pick up lots of cheese and fun dippers like bacon, a baguette and crudites

3. Melt cheese in a big pot and dip, dip away!

But if you’re looking for a real recipe, we’ve got one for the traditionalists, one for the heat seekers, one for the trend setters and one for the travel junkies. No matter who you are, you can definitely enjoy cheese fondue today (or any day, really).

A classic Cheese Fondue for the traditionalists

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Check Out: Cheese Crisps

If you thought chips couldn’t get any better, think again: a chip made entirely of cheese has hit the supermarket, and to say we’re obsessed would be an understatement.



Kitchen Table Bakers has come out with 12 different varieties of cheese crisps, ranging from rosemary Parmesan (our personal fave) to basil pesto, and other than the added natural flavors, there is nothing in this crisp besides crispy, baked-to-perfection cheese.


Can’t find these addictive crisps in a store near you? Have no fear– our recipe for Cheese Crisps is simple and easily adaptable to any of your favorite flavor combinations.




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National Cheese Lovers’ Meatless Monday

Today is not your average Meatless Monday. Today is also National Cheese Lovers’ Day! Whether you’re an everyday vegetarian or just a participant in Meatless Monday, cheese is always a great ingredient to incorporate into your meals for that extra protein and calcium boost. So in honor of all you cheese-loving vegetarians, here are some of our favorite cheesy recipes perfect for Meatless Monday:


Our brand new recipe for Eggplant-Parm Grilled Cheese combines two of your favorite comfort foods into one succulent sandwich.


Thanks to packaged frozen ravioli, our Cheese Ravioli with Mushrooms and Spinach comes together in no time, but still feels healthy and homemade.


Finally, our Spicy Bean and Cheese Burritos pack such a flavor punch, you won’t even miss the meat!

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#30DaysOfBurgers: Brie-Stuffed Burgers with Bacon

Here’s our solution to cheese that melts everywhere: stuffed patties! Just form your meat around a piece of cheese, then grill. Now you’ll get melted cheesiness when you bite into your burger instead of all over your grate. This will also help prevent the common raw-in-the-middle problem. And stop pressing on those patties while they grill! You may think you’re helping them cook faster, but you’re only squeezing out the delicious juices.


Photo by John Kernick

Get the recipe: Brie-Stuffed Burgers with Bacon


Rach loves burgers and so do we! Celebrate summer grilling season with us by following our burger bonanza! Each day in June, we’re bringing you a different, juicy and delicious burger recipe, so you can get creative and never make the same burger twice. Find all of our “30 Days of Burgers” to date on storifytwitter or pinterest.

Taste Test: The Best Low-Fat Cheese

Cheers for low-fat cheese! We snacked on nearly 50 types to find five skinny versions that are so rich and flavorful, you’ll swear they’re the real deal. By: Dina Cheney

taste test cheese

The winners:


Best for salads: Athenos Reduced Fat Traditional Crumbled Feta Cheese ($5.72 for 12 oz.)
“I’ll never buy a full-fat version again!” vowed one tester after sampling this robust feta made with part-skim milk. Addictively salty and creamy (with one-third fewer calories than regular feta), it’s spectacular sprinkled on salads—from classic Greeks to slices of watermelon and red onion.


Best for Sandwiches: Sargento Deli Style Sliced Reduced Fat Pepper Jack Cheese ($3.62 for 6.67 oz.)
Flecks of spicy habanero and jalapeño chiles kick up the heat in these tasty slices made with fresh 2% milk (some companies use condensed or dry milk). Panelists praised Sargento’s smooth texture and zesty flavor. Add slices to cold-cut sandwiches or grilled panini. Bonus: It tastes even better melted!


Best for Snacking: Kerrygold Reduced Fat Dubliner Cheese ($5.49 for 7 oz.)
Produced in Ireland with milk from grassfed cows, this cheese is aged for a year to intensify its nutty, sharp flavor and dense, crumbly texture. Delicious on its own or with apple slices, toasted nuts and a glass of wine, it’s a dead ringer for aged cheddar—but has fewer calories and less fat.


Best for Melting: Karoun Dairies Part-Skim Mozzarella Ball ($5.99 for 1 lb.)
Many reduced-fat mozzarellas come preshredded and have a dry texture and wan taste. But this part-skim ball crafted from hormone-free milk is rich, full-flavored, slightly tangy and ideal for pizza, baked pasta and lasagna.


Best for Party Platters: Coach Farm Reduced Fat Goat Cheese with Herbs ($7.99 for 7 oz.)
Long featured on the menus of top chefs, Coach Farm’s line of small-batch goat cheeses includes this luscious version made with skim milk and rolled in dried basil, thyme and rosemary. The contrast between the grassy herbs and the creamy cheese wowed panelists: “It tastes artisanal, not low-fat,” one pointed out.

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The Best Greek Yogurts

The Best Gelato 

5 Fantastic Foodie Road Trips

Honk if youre hungry

If you’ve known and loved a BBQ trail in your day, or vineyard-hopped with the best of them, we’ve got your next great trips right here: five food routes so tempting, we apologize to your driveway for the impending skid marks. Immediate departure not an option? Stay tuned and get an edible preview as we share exclusive regional recipes!


The Trips:


The Hudson Valley, NY Chocolate Trail


Wisconsin Cheese Trail


California Olive Oil Trail


Mississippi Tamale Trail


Michigan Cherry Trail



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