Meatless Mondays: Awesome Asparagus Eats

3 reasons to get your asparagus fix now–before the peak season is over:


1. It has only 5 calories per spear, zero fat and cholesterol, and almost no sodium. Talk about a dieter’s dream!


2. It  is one of the most concentrated veggie sources of protein: 1 cup offers about 10% of your daily protein and fiber needs–a one-two punch that helps keep you full longer, so you can avoid overeating.


3. It has more glutathione–one of the most powerful cancer fighters–than any other fruit or vegetable. Glutathione also helps your body absorb nutrients and slows down the aging process.



Photo by Lisa Hubbard

 Shopping Tip: Look for bunches with tightly closed buds on top–and eat them right away, because the nutrients fade fast.


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