Alexandra Pecci

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Think sidecars and gimlets are retro? They’ve got nothing on millenia-old mead, a honey wine that ranges from dry to dessert-like. But this drink of choice for Vikings and monks is having a major 21st-century moment: Craft meaderies offering tours and tastings are popping up nationwide. Five of the best await below, so get thee to a meadery! –Alexandra Pecci


Hit Maine Mead Works in Portland for free samples of artisanal meads (our fave: the Honeymaker Lavender, $14). If your timing is right (check the site), you can tour the continuous fermentation chamber, where the Middle Ages meet the 21st century.

Londonderry, New Hampshire’s Moonlight Meadery, home to an amazing array of fruity and spicy meads (don’t miss the currant-infused Desire, $18), offers everything from a $5 four-mead tasting to the $50 romance package (eight meads, snackage and keepsake glasses).

Brothers Drake Meadery & Bar in Columbus, Ohio, serves up mead and mead- based cocktails (try the Wild Sweet Annie, with whiskey and ginger liqueur) plus live music. Most ingredients are Buckeye State–sourced, including the apples in the stellar Apple Pie mead ($34).

Redstone Meadery in Boulder, Colorado, offers free tours and tastings of up to 16 different meads. The Traditional Mountain Honey Wine made with orange blossom honey ($22) is our pick. And for half the year, there’s free live music on Saturdays.

Sky River Meadery in Redmond, Washington, near one of the state’s wine regions, gives free tours—and the $5 tasting fee is applied to any bottle you buy. Consider the Solas, a rich, golden mead aged in whiskey barrels ($26).