3 Ways to Keep Your Pet Happy in a Halloween Costume

Dogs in costumes? Cute. Getting your dog into a costume? Ruff. But this advice from Sylvia Reutens, whose 10-year-old corgi has beat out hundreds of other dogs for the Best in Show title at the famed Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in New York City, will fetch some results.

1. Learn his style. Maybe you break into a sweat whenever you have to wear a turtleneck. Well, your four-legged friend also has likes and dislikes when it comes to clothing. “My dog, Harry, doesn’t like to have things under his body or between his legs,” says Reutens. “Placing a super-light box on top of him—with his head and ears completely free—doesn’t bother him at all.” As much as you want your pet to look adorable, it’s more important that he’s comfortable. Help him try on a few outfits to see what he’s cool with. Read more

Three Tiny Critters that Make Great Pets

Good things come in small packages! These three cute, minute critters make great pets, especially for owners with small homes. Find out which of these half-pints is right for you!



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A Croque for Every Occasion

On her show today, Rach is whipping up a batch of croque monsieurs with a turkey twist– delish! Check out some of our other spins on this exquisite French sandwich:


 The Traditional

Sometimes you just can’t beat a classic.

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Enter to Win a Year’s Supply of Nutrish Pet Food!

We don’t know about you, but our pets are some of the best sous chefs we’ve ever had. They’re always in the kitchen to keep us company, they’ll eat anything we make and we can always rely on them to clean up the mess on the floor. We’re paying special tribute to our favorite kitchen companions by making today’s Love Your Kitchen Challenge all about them.


Photo courtesy of Nutrish

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Pet Project: Furless Leaders

Don’t judge a creature by its scaly cover: Plenty of reptiles make great pets, especially if you’ve got allergies. Jim Nesci, reptile expert and educator, recommends these cold-blooded cuties.


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Pet Project: Sit. Stay. Order!

Take your pooch out on the town! Kelly E. Carter, author of National Geographic’s new The Dog Lover’s Guide to Travel, has sniffed out America’s pup-friendliest eateries (and watering holes). Bone appetit!



Whatcha craving, Fido? Check out these top-notch spots!


The best…



While you enjoy, say, duck confit at Bistro 17 in Hilton Head, SC, your furry friend can order off his own menu (chicken with rice, anyone?). Even better: Half the proceeds from each $6 doggy dish go to an animal rescue organization. (


Beer Garden

Pups can toast to having their own dog run at all four outposts at the Lucky Labrador Brewing Company in Portland, OR. Perhaps to make canines feel extra welcome, the beers range from Dog Day IPA to The Mutt, even if the place is BYOT (treat). (



You and your pooch can get a little sweet fix at Carmel Bakery in Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA. Try the famed buttery Scottish shortbread–and a pink or blue dog bone with the words, “Good Girl” or “Good Boy” drizzled in white icing. (


Ice Cream Parlor

Beyond serving tasty dairy treats and burgers for humans, many New York City Shake Shack branches have a “Woof” menu. The drool-worthy, frosty Pooch-ini pairs dog biscuits with vanilla custard and peanut butter sauce. (


By Sarah Zorn



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Pet Project: Summer Treats

A Birthday Cake for Isaboo

Pet Project: Chow Time!

Not all dog bowls are created equal– or are even suitable for each and every dog. Find the perfect fit for your furry friend with these shopping tips.


Your Bowl Buying Checklist


The Right Size

Pooches with longer snouts need deeper dishes, while snub-nosed dogs prefer shallow bowls. Deep and narrow feeders are ideal for long-eared dogs– so their ears won’t dip into the food or water.


Choice Materials

Top-of-the-line bowls are made of stainless steel. Unlike plastic or ceramic, it doesn’t scratch or chip, so it’s easy to clean and won’t harbor bacteria. If you have a super-playful pup, opt for a bowl with a nonskid base to prevent slipping and spilling.


Special Features

Raised bowls reduce joint and neck strain and limit air intake, so they aid digestion and can decrease gas and bloating. For speedy eaters, try “anti-gulp” bowls with ridges inside that force dogs to forage, which slows them down.


Click here to see a slideshow of the latest and greatest in doggie dinnerware!


By Sarah Zorn


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Canine Critic Rates Rach’s Puppy Suppers

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Pet Project: Summer Treats

You’re not the only one excited about the farmers’ market right now. Your pooch loves fresh produce, too. But it’s not all safe for him to eat. Use our vet-approved list when healthy-snack shopping.





Apples (remove the seeds)


Bell peppers





Citrus (remove the peel)


Green beans

Melons (remove the seeds)




Stone fruits (remove the pits)


Tropical fruits











List received by the ASPCA. Every pet is different, so please check with your vet to see if these fruits and vegetables are suitable for your dog or cat.


Get more pet-friendly recipes here!




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A Birthday Cake for Isaboo

Last night, Rachael celebrated her #1 pooch, Isaboo’s 9th birthday with a delicious doggie cake that looked good enough for humans!



The adorable cake was made with ground lamb, barley, carrot and parsley. And don’t worry, that frosting isn’t full of sugar. She whipped together cream cheese, beet juice and bacon crumble to create the pink topping–delish! If that doesn’t scream “puppy love,” we don’t know what does!


Check out some of Rachael’s other custom Isaboo recipes, like Isaboo’s Bacon-Cheese-Barley Burgers and Isaboo’s Butternut Squash Mac and Cheddar. Maybe you can make them for your pet’s birthday, too!

Canine Critic Rates Rach’s Puppy Suppers

First We Feast Canine Taster

Photo by Liz Barclay


At Every Day with Rachael Ray, we’re no strangers to reader feedback. We were surprised, however, to learn that we have a doggie critic. This week, the food site First We Feast published a thorough and thoroughly opinionated review of our pet-friendly recipes, from the canine point of view. It was so rigorous, in fact, that a special rating system called “Wagat” (five tail wags is tops) was put in place to rate our puppy suppers, which, the human author noted, can be eaten by man and best friend alike (pictured). The recipes tested include the cheesy Cinco de Mayo Bowl, the refreshing Power Pooch Smoothie, and meaty Dog Sliders. To find out which ones Oscar (and his owner) liked best, and to view a slideshow of really cute pics and video chronicling the pup’s reactions (did we mention they’re really cute?), click here.

—Gabriella Gershenson, Food Features Editor


First We Feast Canine Taster 2

Photo by Liz Barclay



Our Best Pet-Friendly Recipes

Rachael Ray’s Pet Rescue Stories

Staff’s Crazy Cute Pets in Costume


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