Food Holidays

Happy Ice Cream Month!

July is Ice Cream Month, so that means we’ll be scooping, spooning, sandwiching, dipping, topping and licking our favorite ice cream treats and recipes for the next 31 days! We asked you for your favorite ice cream flavors and some of your top picks also happen to be some of our most popular recipes! You’re loving mint chocolate chip, chocolate, peanut butter, coffee, pistachio and chocolate chip cookie dough ice creams, and we’re here to satisfy your cravings. Check out these ice cream recipes to keep you cool and help you celebrate National Ice Cream Month throughout July:

Mint Chip Ice Cream


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Celebrate National Candy Month with Seattle Chocolates’ Truffle Bars!

We know every month feels like National Candy Month, but June is the real deal—get ready to celebrate! For an extra-sweet treat, check out Seattle Chocolates’ Truffle Bar Collection. Their bars are known for their creativity, their eco-friendly ingredients and—most importantly—their deliciousness.

We’re loving their summer flavors right now: Campers’ S’mores, a milk chocolate bar filled with marshmallow nougat and graham cracker pieces, and Lemon Ice, a white chocolate bar full of lemon oil and sour lemon candy pieces. Check out all 28 flavors here—trust us, your sweet tooth will thank you.


Photo courtesy of Seattle Chocolates



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Happy Mediterranean Diet Month!

The Mediterranean diet is composed of key healthy ingredients, such as EVOO, fish, seasonal produce and robust spices. Although we can celebrate these unbeatable recipes and flavor combinations every month, May just so happens to be Mediterranean Diet Month, giving us yet another excuse to get in the kitchen and try out some new and exciting dishes. But before we get cooking, here are some tips to keep in mind:
1. Eat more fish: Heart-healthy fats (such as Omega 3 fatty acids) are key to this way of eating, and fish is full of them.

2. Embrace herbs and spices: Besides being an easy way to wake up mild meat like chicken, herbs and spices have all kinds of health benefits, too.

3. Go with the grains: Whole grains are high in fiber, filling you up so you’ll have less room for unhealthy foods.

4. Fill up on veggies: Vegetables provide all kinds of nutrients, especially those typically found in the Mediterranean diet. They can be a meal unto themselves, or make up a started course called meze.

5. Rethink your proteins: Who says you can only eat eggs in the morning? They’re a phenomenal source of protein for any time of day.

6. Finish with fruit: Fresh or dried, fruit is a healthy, delicious finale to a meal, and replaces sugary desserts completely in the Mediterranean diet.


Try some of our favorite Mediterranean recipes this month!


Moroccan Lemon-Herb Chicken Skewers


Spicy Tomato-Poached Eggs


Eggplant Salad with Yellow Peppers & Red Onion


Spiced Date Walnut Balls


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Happy National Grilled Cheese Day!

Happy National Shrimp Day!

Yep, these little crustaceans have an entire day devoted just to them! Easy to prepare, quick to cook and great at absorbing almost any flavor, shrimp are great any day of the year. But on May 10th, make sure to celebrate shrimp and cook some up, one of these suggested ways:



Shrimp Cocktail Salsa


Shrimp, Radicchio & Couscous Salad


Shrimp Burgers


Shrimp Pad Thai


Shrimp & Grits


Not so fast! Make sure you know how to de-vein a shrimp before you get cooking!


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Fast Idea Friday: Bacon-Cheese Sliders

May might be National Hamburger Month, but the second week of May (which started yesterday) is National Hamburger Week! You told us some of your must-have burger toppings, which included the standby cheese, tomato, onions and ketchup, as well as more out-of-the-box toppings like grilled pineapple, fried egg and potato chips. No matter how you like to top your patty, here’s a fast idea that’s sure to satisfy even the biggest of burger connoisseurs: Bacon-Cheese Sliders.



Although these sliders are simple and quick to make, they’re packed with flavor from smoky bacon, sharp cheddar cheese and tangy pickles. Perfect for a casual night with friends or family dinner, you really can’t go wrong (especially during National Hamburger Month). Get the full recipe here.



More Fast Ideas

Spicy Poblano Ketchup

Kale & Barley Salad

Apple-Cheddar Fondue


#RRWhatchaCookin Featured Cook of the Week: @wickeddeliciouskate

Every week, we check out YOUR food photos on Instagram and pick a
“Whatcha Cookin’ Wednesday Featured Cook of the Week” to appear on our blog and have a chance to be featured in a future issue of the magazine.



Once we found out today was International Macaroni Day, there was no way we could pass up featuring instagram user @wickeddeliciouskate‘s mouth-watering photo of Applewood Smoked Bacon and Peppered Ham and Sharp Cheddar Mac and Cheese! Kate asks, “Anything containing bacon and cheese is a winner?” and we would definitely have to agree! Looking to celebrate the food holiday yourself? Try one of our 20 Most Popular Macaroni and Cheese Recipes!


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Happy National Grilled Cheese Day!

It seems as though every day is some sort of food holiday, but today is definitely at the top of our list of ones worth celebrating: It’s National Grilled Cheese Day! Whether you’re a grilled cheese purist or the sandwich version of Jackson Pollock, there’s a recipe for just about everyone. We love grilled cheese because it’s super quick to put together and no matter what you have in your kitchen, you’re bound to find a delicious combination of ingredients. We love adding hearty veggies, a mixture of cheeses and even fruit preserves to our sammies. From classic to crazy, try some of our best recipes for lunch or dinner (or both!) today:


Basic Grilled Cheese


Turkey & Grape Grilled Cheese


Eggplant-Parm Grilled Cheese

More Food Holidays

National Spanish Paella Day

National Potato Chip Day

Mulled Wine Day

Fast Idea Friday: Apple-Cheddar Fondue

If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that cheese fondue will never go out of style. It’s been circulating restaurants and kitchens alike since the 1960′s, and seeing as there’s nothing quite like a bubbling pot of gooey cheese, we don’t see it going out of style any time soon. If you’re looking for an excuse to get cheesy, look no further: It’s National Cheese Fondue Day! Friday night is the perfect time to kick back and relax around a pot of fondue (in, nonetheless, Rachael Ray’s Fondue Set — use the code MAGFREE for free shipping!). So grab your bread, veggies, fruit and some friends and make this Apple-Cheddar Fondue tonight:



Looking for the perfect pot for your fondue? Rachael Ray’s Stainless Steel 2-Quart Fondue Set is just what you need.



For a limited time only, you can receive FREE shipping on any of Rachael Ray’s best-selling products! This is an offer exclusive to our readers and will only last until April 13th. Click here for the coupon, and be sure to use the coupon code, MAGFREE, at checkout.



More Fast Ideas

Scallion Hush Puppies

Smoked Trout Chips

Citrus Gin Spritzer

Cheers to National Beer Day!

We know it’s only Monday, but here’s a reason crack open a cold one: It’s National Beer Day! If you’re looking for the perfect beer to take the edge off, consider one of these two appetizing ales from Founders Brewing Co.



Curmudgeon Old Ale is blended with molasses and then oak-aged for a strong, rich and malty flavor. The result is a smooth and drinkable beer, perfect for a rich dinner on a chilly spring night. But get it while you can! This beer is only offered from April to June.


Is light beer more your thing? Try Founders’ best-selling All Day IPA, which was developed due to the need for a full-flavored IPA with a lower ABV (only 4.7%!). What you’re left with is a complex, aromatic beer with a very clean finish. The IPA is offered year round, and is also available in 15-can packaging (the first major craft brewery to do so), which they are rightfully calling a “Brewer’s Dozen.”


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Happy National Chocolate Cake Day!

As we begin another week, here’s a thought to perk up your Monday: It’s National Chocolate Cake Day! Between the pumpkin pies, cookie swaps and juice cleanses, you may have forgotten about this old friend, but we’re here to give chocolate cake new life in 2014. Whether you want a classic recipe that looks right out of Matilda, or you’re interested in a chocolate cake remix, here are some ideas to get you started.

The Classic: Chocolate Layer Cake


The Sweet Piece of Nostalgia: S’mores Lava Cakes


The Most Indulgent: Hot Fudge Sundae Cake


The No-Sharing-Necessary Dessert Fix: Black-Bottom Cupcakes

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