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Flashback Friday: Past Covers

Looking through past issues is like flipping through a photo album for us–so many memories! Check out our June cover from 2009 (that’s four years ago, folks). Boy, does time fly!

June 2009

Explore more past covers here. Then, tell us which one is your all-time fave in the comments below!

5 Questions for the Georgetown Cupcake Sisters

The founders of Georgetown Cupcake, stars of TLC’s DC Cupcakes and overall superstar sisters, Katherine Berman and Sophie LaMontagne, stopped by our offices for an afternoon treat! We asked them five of our burning questions. Read on to get the scoop.

From top left, clockwise: Editorial Assistant, Morgan Gibson, Associate Lifestyle Editor, Allyson Dickman, Sophie LaMontagne and Katherine Berman.

1. What are your favorite new flavors?
Katherine: Lavender Earl Grey Teacake
Sophie: Chocolate Peanut Butter Twist

2. If you had to make a dessert that wasn’t a cupcake, what would you make?
Because of our Greek heritage, we’d probably make baklava or ravani cake. Those are a couple of our favorites.

3. How did you develop your signature swirl for the icing?
We really wanted something pretty, but not too girly. Elegant, but not understated. This swirl was something we thought would appeal to everyone!

4. Best tip for leftover cupcakes?
Turn them into a cupcake milkshake, or cut them up and layer them between ice cream or yogurt for a sweet parfait!

5. What are your most popular flavors?
Red Velvet is always the most popular flavor, then Salted Caramel usually comes in second. A lot of people go for flavors they wouldn’t make at home.

Is your mouth watering yet? Find a location near you. Then, tell us below in the comments what flavor you’d pick!


Flashback Friday: Rach’s Wedding!

To start off our weekly “Flashback Friday” series, why not share the most important day in Rachael’s life? Her wedding! Take a peek at some of the best shots, then see more here.

Rachael Ray's Wedding

Rach in her beautiful flowing wedding dress on top of the Tuscan castle, Castello di Velona, where the wedding was held.

Rachael Ray's Wedding

A cozy, peaceful place, Castello di Velona has beautiful 360-degree views. From every location you look out over cultivated, manicured land, dotted with grapevines.

Rachael Ray's Wedding

Rach and John embrace at the altar after they’ve recited their vows.

Rachael Ray's WeddingRachael with her mom Elsa and sister Maria, moments after the ceremony. See the kiss, the cake, the first dance and more beautiful moments.

How to Roast Peppers

Roasting peppers teases out their sweetness and gives them a smoky edge (And they make Rachael’s Birds in a Nest with Peppers & Sausage oh so good.) Jarred roasted peppers are a good shortcut, but you’ll get a fresher flavor and firmer texture by making your own. It couldn’t be easier: Follow our to-do tutorial below, heat up the broiler and get cooking!

Birds in a Nest with Peppers & Sausage

Get Rach’s Birds in a Nest with Peppers & Sausage recipe!



1. Place the peppers on a rimmed baking sheet or broiler pan and broil, turning often with tongs, until blistered all over, about 8 minutes.






2. While warm, stick the peppers in a glass or metal bowl and cover tightly with plastic wrap. Let stand until cool enough to handle.

3. Remove the peppers from the bowl and peel off the skin. Cut out the stem and ribs, toss the seeds and you’re done!








Illustrations by Emma Kelly

That’s it! Now, get roastin’ and share your success stories with us below in our comments!

Orange You Glad It’s Time For Dessert?

Here’s an almost-instant dessert: Orange & Ice Cream Trifles. All you need are oranges, orange marmalade, lemon juice, pound cake and vanilla ice cream. What’s better than a 5-ingredient recipe on a weeknight? Get the recipe here.  Then, keep reading to learn how to make it one pretty treat.

Orange & Ice Cream Trifles

Upgrade your dessert by cutting your oranges into pretty segments (“supremes in chef lingo). Just follow our how-to steps below!

Scratch pad



Prep it!

Cut a small slice off the top and bottom, exposing some of the flesh. Stand the fruit up on one flat side.






scratch pad image2

Pare it! 

Cut from top to bottom along the curve of the fruit, removing the peel and bitter white pith.



scratch pad image3




Section it! 

Over a bowl, make a slice on each side of each segment along the membrane and use the knife blade to lift out the freed fruit wedge.



Illustrations by Emma Kelly

Meatless Monday: Eggplant

With its creamy texture and meaty flavor, cooked eggplant is one satisfying and filling vegetable (think saucy eggplant parm — yum!). Plus, it’s down right beautiful. Check out those babies.


Swap out your protein for eggplant and you’ll get a meatless meal you’ll want to repeat…every Monday! Learn more about the benefits of eating eggplant. Plus, find 20 recipes to try tonight! Including our Linguine with Eggplant Ragout (below).

Linguine with Eggplant Ragout

Meatless Monday: Tofu Ramen Soup

Turn Monday night into a meatless and budget-friendly dinner with this Tofu Ramen Soup with Spinach. Most Asian noodles are supermarket bargains. But none so much than ramen. This isn’t just an American dorm-room staple: Japanese home cooks rely on the thin, squiggly noodles to give heft to soups, like this simple tofu-and-spinach version.

Takashi Yagihashi, of Slurping Turtle and Takashi in Chicago says “I loved instant ramen noodles as a kid, and I still love them! Buy bricks in the plastic-wrapped packages for about a quarter each; ditch the powdered stuff and serve with your own homemade soup.”

Tofu Ramen Soup with Spinach

More! Why should spaghetti get all the love? Get more fast, flavorful and easy on your wallet Asian noodle recipes here.