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4 Delicious Recipes for National Waffle Day

Happy National Waffle Day! In case you haven’t noticed, we are huge fans of waffles around here. They’re more versatile than you might think: you can spin them sweet or savory, serve them as a sandwich vessel, a dessert or a fruit-topped  breakfast. So, to truly honor waffles as the culinary art form that they are, we’ll be cooking up these recipes all day. Join us and tag your creations #RRMagFan!


For breakfast: Waffle Squares

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The Recipes That Inspire You Most

In our April #TBT cover story, Rach’s closest chef pals share the recipes that inspired them most as cooks: Katie Lee’s Beef Stronganoff, Ken Oringer’s Hard Shell Turkey Tacos and Michael Symon’s Greek Meatballs, to name a few. We asked you on Facebook what recipe inspired you the most as a home cook, and the verdict is in! It seems as though chicken and Italian recipes were all pretty influential in your journeys to becoming a home cook. Check out some of our favorite recipes for lasagna, stoup, chicken and marinara sauce, and help someone else fall in love with cooking the same way you did.


Pesto Chicken Spirals

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Your “It’s Finally Spring!” Weeknight Meal Planner

Now that we’re officially two days into spring, we can’t wait to start cooking with all our favorite fresh produce that hits markets this time of year: spring greens, spinach, peas, oh my! This week, cook up five delicious easy dinners that celebrate the return of spring. And definitely don’t miss out on an excuse to celebrate National Paella Day….


Monday, March 23

Kale & Barley Salad

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Rachael Ray’s Retro Recipes of the Week

Our #TBT month has been off to a fun and delicious start!  We’re celebrating #TBT every day in March, so we want to make Throwback Thursday extra special by sharing vintage recipes from the early days of Every Day with Rachael Ray. This week we’re taking it all the back to our first-ever issue with some tried and true classics: Rach’s Mama Elsa’s Stuffed Zucchini, Gigantic Reuben Loafs and Rach’s premier Burger of the Month: Spanikopita Burgers. Can’t you just taste the nostalgia?! Post your fave vintages recipes and tag them #RRTBT !


Mama Elsa’s Stuffed Zucchini

Rachael’s Gigantic Reuben Loaf

Spanikopita Burgers

More #RRTBT Coverage

#RRTBT Month kickoff

Rachael Ray Show Recap: #TBT Potluck

How to Throw a #TBT Party

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Your 5 Favorite Potluck Recipes

Since we’re sharing Rachael and her friends’ favorite potluck recipes with you this month, we thought it was only fair for you to return the favor. We asked you on Facebook for some of your favorite potluck recipes, and now we can’t wait to plan our next party. Here are our takes on some of the crowd favorites.


Mac & Cheese with Leeks and Ham

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TV Kitchens to Love: The Good Wife

The Good Wife


An upscale kitchen that’s actually kid-friendly

Lead character Alicia Florrick had to downsize when her husband went to jail on corruption charges. “She suddenly became a working mom: the kids had to be able to help themselves in the kitchen,” says set director Beth Kushnick.

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Green Eats for St. Patrick’s Day

If you’re gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day (hello, Guinness pints!), let us help you plan the perfect menu. While we love a good Irish meal, we’re getting a little more color-oriented this year. We don’t just mean green Jell-o or frosted cupcakes: our green food is going au natural this year (spinach, matcha, asparagus, oh my!). Check out some of our favorite recipes below!

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#TBT Month on the Rachael Ray Show!

We’re three days into #TBT month, and it’s already been full of laughs, fun and nostalgia. We got a peek at what Rach, John and Michael Symon looked like as kiddos and OMG weren’t they adorable?!

 Rachael Ray

John Cusimano

Michael Symon


If you didn’t get a chance to see The Rachael Ray Show this morning, it was all things #TBT, featuring our April cover story stars and Rach’s closest pals: Michael Symon, Adam Perry Lang, Sunny Anderson, Katie Lee, Michael Schlow and of course, her hubby John. Each celeb chef whipped up their throwback recipe from our story as the audience ooh-ed and ahh-ed over Michael Symon’s mouthwatering meatballs, Adam’s peppery potato chip-crusted chicken (Rach calls it “PCC”), Katie’s comforting beef stroganoff and more. It was an hour filled with delicious recipes, laughter and fun. Get all the chefs’ recipes here!

Our 6 Favorite Packable Lunches

If you’re looking for an excuse to not order Seamless at work, you’re in luck: tomorrow is National Pack Your Lunch Day! We’ve compiled some of our favorite midday recipes that will keep you full and energized until dinner (or, at least until it’s appropriate for an afternoon snack). Whether it’s Meatless Monday or #TreatYoself Friday, these lunches will give definitely give everyone around you brown paper bag envy.


BLAAT (Bacon, lettuce, avocado, apple and tomato)

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Fiesta Fest Menu

Partygoers will be pumped to chip away at this spread

From the April issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine 


Cocktail: Classic Margaritas


Mocktail: Watermelon Agua Fresca


Food: Classic Nachos


Mexican Chopped Salad


Chorizo-and-Potato Taquitos


Dessert: Mexican Chocolate Surprise Cupcakes