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Happy National Doughnut Day!

Whether you like your doughnuts glazed, sprinkled, cream-filled or in holes, today’s the day to go out and get yourself a dozen because we’re celebrating the 75th annual National Doughnut Day!

Did you know you can put donuts on the grill?! Try it out with our Grilled Doughnut Shortcakes!

This foodie holiday has a long history, originally created in 1938 to honor the women who served the flaky, sweet pastries to WWII military men, it is celebrated on the first Friday of every June. Not like we need an excuse to indulge! Before heading out to buy your assorted dozen, take a bite out of these doughnut-loving facts:

  • One of Rach’s fave cities, Austin, TX, is home to one of the oldest, most beloved doughnut shops in the country! Round Rock Donuts (originally named Lone Star Bakery) first opened its doors in 1926.
  • By the numbers: 10 Billion doughnuts are made in the US each year; the average person eats 34 doughnuts a year; collectively, we spend $2 billion on doughnuts annually!
  • The most popular doughnut goes to the ultimate classic: Glazed! They sell three times more often than any other flavor.
  • Stack ‘em up: The tallest stack of doughnuts was made with 1,764 rings, measuring 43.5″ high.
  • The largest doughnut ever made was a jelly-filled version that weighed 1.7 tons!

For more fun doughnut facts check out this mouth-watering infographic, provided by


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The Best Father’s Day Gifts!

Here’s to you Dad!

Stumped on gift ideas? We’ve got some quirky, foodie and all-around awesome presents to show your dad just how much you love him this Father’s Day!

1. I mustache you a question! How cool would your old man look in these stache-covered socks? $12.50,


2. Whatever his title may be at work, we promise you he’s most proud of the title “Dad.” So let him brag at the office with a special for-dad-only mug. $14 each,


3. Guys aren’t all about meat and potatoes, they have a secret sweet tooth too! Fill up his candy drawer with a three piece candy collection, loaded with fruity sour gummies, gummy cola bottles and gourmet gummy papa and baby bears. $16 for set,


4. Happy hour just got better! With this age-your-own whiskey kit he can pour friends a drink and brag about it. Each kit comes with two 110-proof bottles of un-aged White Dog Whiskey, an aging barrel and two drinking glasses. $150,


5. Make a statement! This wood sign (5″x4.5″) let’s him show off just how much you care. $11,


6. If he’s more of a beer guy, try a garden kit that lets him grow his own hops! In this garden dome, he’ll grow wheat, barley and hops (seeds included in the kit) so all he has left to do is brew a pint! $28,


7. Here’s a treat he’ll eat right up: Slow-roasted pecans smoked and seasoned with chili powder, thyme, brown sugar, salt and Old Bay for true Southern BBQ flavor. $24,


8. If he’s a grill master that loves to entertain, he—and his guests—will get a kick out of these Claudia Pearson beach-inspired hot dog plates. Surfs up! $16 each,



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New App Alert: Food Tripping

Last week, we got a chance to sit down for a dinner with Adrien Grenier (aren’t we lucky!?) to get the scoop on his brand new healthy food app, launching today in celebration of Earth Day!

The Entourage actor has a big passion for eco-initiatives, and teamed up with Ford to create Food Tripping, an app that helps foodies like us find healthy and environmentally friendly options—from fresh, local and seasonally-focused restaurants to farmers markets—on the go. You can search near where you are or pick a destination, then narrow down your categories based on what you’re looking for—from a taco stand to a grocery store. Then, all of the points of interest pop up on a handy-dandy map for you. (Bonus: If you have a Ford car with Sync voice commands, you will be able to run this app from the road!)

The Map View

The map view color-codes hot spots based on the type of establishment: Restaurant, seasonal, sustainable, farmer’s market.

The app has a list, as well as map, view.

The app has a list, as well as map, view.

The app has more than 100,000 hot-spots already programmed in, and will expand based on user-generated feedback. As you travel across the country, suggest your favorite spots—but have no fear that you’ll end up with restaurants that don’t live up to the Food Tripping “healthy food” standards. Each suggestion is carefully vetted by their hungry, but picky, team.

And if you love Foursquare, take it a step further and check-in on Food Tripping so other users can see where you’ve stopped and what you’ve enjoyed.

And just for fun, here’s the gorgeous Adrien Grenier, teaching us to use his app!