We Got Our Hands on the New Lay’s Chips

Last month we heard the exciting news about four new Lay’s Do Us A Flavor chips soon to be hitting shelves. Today, the Every Day with Rachael Ray staff got their hands on three out of the four flavors, and the results are in.



Wasabi Ginger (our fave) had a nice kettle-cooked crunch and was reminiscent of wasabi peas, with the perfect amount of heat.

Cappuccino had a very potent artificial sweetened coffee smell, but there’s just something about coffee beans and fried potatoes that didn’t sit well on our palates.

Mango Salsa, though it smelled less offensive, tasted like mango bath soap. The fake flavor lingered for far too long.

Anyone try the Bacon Mac & Cheese yet? Let us know your thoughts!


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6 Responses to “We Got Our Hands on the New Lay’s Chips”

  1. I tried the Bacon Mac & Cheese & they are the BEST! I hope they win, which I’m sure it will since is it sold out every where!

    My husband also likes the Wasabi Ginger. I have the other 2 types but have not tried them as of yet.

  2. Bacon Mac & Cheese tastes like the cheddar & sour creme chips they have. I have to say…out of the four of them, BMC is the most purchased. (I work for Frito Lay). Cappuccino is the least desired.

  3. Bacon Mac and cheese flavor is absolutely yummy!! The other flavors are just gross. Plus it helps knowing that the inventor of the Bacon Mac and cheese is from my hometown of Troy, Oh and went to school with my daughter.

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  5. The Bacon Mac & Cheese are by far the best. The only problem is most places are always sold out… That’s a good thing though, maybe the flavor will win and they’ll keep them around.

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