Cooking School Lesson 2: Your Broiler is Your New BFF

Want to transform humdrum dinners into mealtime magic? It’s easy! Hit the kitchen armed with these genius tips and simple recipes from our Every Day experts, and your friends and family will wonder if you went to cooking school on your lunch break!


Lesson 2: Befriend Your Broiler

Every oven has one, but when’s the last time you used yours? The high-heat hero cooks many cuts of meat and seafood in 10 minutes or less (our faves: scallops and 1-inch-thick ribeyes), and fruits and veggies are ready in a flash (try pineapple rings or sliced peppers). Bonus: A broiler is your cold- weather grill. Its intense heat gives food an appealing, smoky flavor. Here’s the perfect starter recipe:


Broiled Plums with Orange-Vanilla Sugar


Tart and juicy plums get lightly coated with a layer orange zest, vanilla bean and sugar, creating the perfect crust and the broiler works its magic. The result, a warm and sweet forkful of summer, guilt-free!

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