Four Ingredient Cocktails: Vanilla Pear-tini


No cocktail party is complete without a signature cocktail, but that doesn’t mean you need to whip up some crazy concoction with 14 different ingredients that you’ll never use again. Keep it simple, but still impressive with a four-ingredient cocktail that features one unique flavor that makes your guests think you’re a master mixologist. Here’s an idea that’s a lighter, fruity twist on a classic martini: a cool and creamy Vanilla Pear-tini!




Vanilla Pear-tini



Pear, peeled


Vanilla vodka

Heavy cream

Salt (freebie)



Puree peeled pear, honey vanilla vodka heavy cream and a pinch of salt. Serve in a chilled martini glass. (Serves 1)



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2 Responses to “Four Ingredient Cocktails: Vanilla Pear-tini”

  1. Sounds great! What’s the quantity of each ingredient?

  2. [...] Vanilla Pear-tinis [...]