Burger Battle Royale: Best of the Midwest

BurgerBattle_Chef Tory Miller



of L’Etoile and Graze, Madison, WI

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Tory Miller’s Top 5 Favorite Burgers in the Midwest


1. GRAZE BURGER Graze, Madison, WI  

Rich, winey caramelized onions and super-rich beef on a squishy bun.


Graze Burger

Photo by Charles Masters

2. BEET AND WALNUT BURGER Graze, Madison, WI  

A veggie burger made of ground beets and walnuts topped with cucumbers, tomatoes and dill-flecked yogurt.

Graze Beet and Walnut Burger

Photo by Sam Egelhoff of Graze

3. BRICK BURGER Village Bar, Madison, WI  

Thick slices of brick cheese, a cheddar- like local specialty, seasoned salt and a juicy beef patty on a no-frills bun.

Brick Burger

Photo by Jessica H. via Yelp



4. BOB’S BAD BREATH BURGER Weary Traveler Freehouse, Madison, WI  

A garlicky organic burger piled with cream cheese, green goddess dressing and sweet Jamaican Pickapeppa sauce. Don’t forget your mints!

Bob's Bad Breath Burger

Photo by Sokheun P. via Yelp


5. LAMBWICH Honeypie, Milwaukee, WI  

Ground lamb, local Creama Kasa, a triple- cream-style cheese, and red pepper– oregano oil on a grilled focaccia bun.


Photo by @chuckt via Foodspotting



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