Battle of the Citrus Cocktail Sippers

When the summer hits its peak and its so hot and humid that I’m sticking to my car seat, I always crave the most quintessential thirst-quenching summer drink–an ice cold, lip-puckeringly sour and slightly sweet lemon- or limeade. While sure, water is probably the best choice to hydrate, it’s the citrus fruit’s bracing acidity that delights my palate and makes these beverages so crave-worthy. To get into the Thirsty Thursday spirit, we’re ditching the innocent lemonade stand version and going for the more liquored-up libations. Check out the two classic cocktails featuring lemon and lime and leave a comment saying which concoction you’d prefer. Cheers!



Battle of the Citrus Cocktails:
Lemon versus Lime

Lemons Limes



Clean with an intense and bright acidity.



Sweet with a subtle, floral acidity.

Tom Collins





Tom Collins


Gin, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup
or Sugar, Club Soda



Gin, Sweetened Lime Juice (or Lime Juice
and Simple Syrup), Lime Wheel
Created in the 1800s by Stephen Price of the Garrick Club in London, this drink was originally called a “John Collins” after the club’s pleasant headwaiter, John Collins. However, with the rise of English old tom gin–such as Hayman’s or Ransom–the drink’s name eventually morphed into the “Tom Collins,” paying homage to it’s signature ingredient.





First described in 1928 as a cocktail of gin, lime and soda, author Raymond Chandler described the drink as 50-50 Rose’s lime juice and gin in The Long Goodbye.



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