The First Step For Your Kitchen Renovation

Design guru, Maxwell Ryan of, gave our editor-in-chief, Lauren Purcell, one goal before they started collaborating on her kitchen: to get inspired.

If you’re working on your own renovation, that means to dream a little bit! Collect images of rooms that you love. The goal is to give yourself a guiding star that will pull and excite you (because the rest of the process can get you stuck in the weeds and you’re going to have to change you mind a lot). “Starting out with a firm idea of inspiration will act as your lighthouse to carry you across the sea that you’re going to embark on throughout the course of your renovation,” Ryan says.

Lauren started her own kitchen inspiration Pinterest board to keep track of her ideas (and Maxwell contributed to the board, too!). Check it out!

Lauren's Pinterest Board

One Response to “The First Step For Your Kitchen Renovation”

  1. My husband & I moved out of our house in order for our son & his family to have a place to live. Our home is our castle & we dearly love our home of 23 years. We moved in with my mother & it’s been hard although she is a lovely woman & we were thankful we can be with her. I would love so much to have a kitchen renovation for our home even with our children everything in the kitchen is falling apart. What a dream this would be! Our children will be moving out.