Bloody Good Bloody Marys


When I was younger, the idea of drinking tomato juice and alcohol, separately or together, seemed like some sort of method of torture. Somewhere along the way though–perhaps after a few college hangovers–I discovered how refreshing an ice cold, slap-you-in-the-face spicy and spiked tomato juice, also known as a Bloody Mary, can be.



Part of the fun when ordering a Bloody Mary is that everyone has their own special recipe or variation. From Mexican- to Asian- and Southern-inspired twists, you can find any variety of flavors in this boozy brunch staple. So whip up the original, first served at the St. Regis New York in 1934, then try four of our favorite variations from around the globe! Then, if you’re up for it, or still standing, make up your own version and share it with us in the comments!

Photograph by Jose Picayo

Get the recipes:

1. The Original Bloody Mary
Serve this on its own, or tweak to make the zesty twists like the ones below.


2. The Capitol Mary
This briny version–spiked with Old Bay Seasoning and clam juice–from the St. Regis Washington, D.C., tastes like an appetizer-cocktail combo!


3. The Bora Mary
The St. Regis Bora Bora adds a sweet and refreshing tropical twists: watermelon juice!


4. The Downhill Snapper
Served at the St. Regis Aspen, this springy, citrus-and-herb-spiked drink is inspired by the hotel’s verdant garden.


5. The West Paces Mary
Pickled okra juice gives a Southern spin to this tangy take from the St. Regis Atlanta.

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  3. Interesting! A bar in my hometown recently started using cucumber infused vodka for their bloodies. They also use Clamato juice, which makes for a bit thinner drink. It’s a really nice summer drink recipe. I think they call it the clam digger.


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  5. I recently had a Bloody Mary at the Hudson Grille in Atlanta that was made with bacon vodka … quite tasty!

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  17. These are great! I’ve always like Blooody Mary mixes. Speaking of which, my friend just introduced me to LAVA Bloody Mary Mix made with non-gmo San Marzano tomatoes and it’s my new favorite. Just add my Goose and I’m good to go!