Gluten-Free Recipes

Whether you're looking to bake gluten-free desserts or cook other gluten-free recipes, these are dishes any family would be happy to come home to.

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3 tips to make any recipe (not just the ones below) gluten-free from Copy Chief, Elizabeth Herr.

1. Many of these recipes call for store-bought packaged, canned, bottled or boxed ingredients that are typically gluten-free, but a word to the wise: Don't assume a product is g-free unless it is clearly labeled as such. You never know when a manufacturer has slipped in a trace of gluten or used equipment that's come into contact with gluten, so always check labels!

2. Soy sauce, a staple of Asian cooking, is not gluten-free; that being said, we've included recipes that call for soy sauce here because there are gluten-free versions on the market -- we like Kikkoman and San-J -- that you can easily swap in.

3. Several of our g-free-designated recipes call for worcestershire sauce or fish sauce. Full disclosure: Some brands contain gluten-bearing thickening agents, so again, always check the label. Lea & Perrins is a good (and widely available) gluten-free worcestershire sauce; as for fish sauce, try Thai Kitchen brand (in fact, most of the company's products are g-free -- huzzah!).

Happy Gluten-Free Cooking!

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